Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Academy One Virtual Studio?

1. Create an Account with us: Log-In / Sign-Up

2. Purchase a Membership Plan
- Rates for individual, weekly, and monthly class sets available.
- If you purchase a weekly or monthly Plan, after payment confirmation, all your classes will automatically be pre-booked (Disregard Step3).
You can access the Zoom link on your website profile at the time of your class.

3. Book your class schedule
- After payment confirmation, you'll receive an email confirming your Membership Plan.
For the Single Session Plan, you may then proceed with booking your preferred schedule.
You can access the Zoom link on your website profile at the time of your booked class.

*Profile - Click your username on the site header

Before committing to a class set i'd like to try a class first

Not a problem! You may opt to purchase our Single Session Plan. This will allow you to choose from our various classes and schedules.

Membership Plan: Single Session
Price: Php 350
Number of Bookable Classes: 1 class (Any type)
Validity: 1 Month

After receiving your payment confirmation & plan activation email, you may proceed to schedule the class of your choice!

I purchased my Membership Plan. How do I get my Zoom link/s?

Purchased a weekly / monthly Membership Plan:
- After payment confirmation, you'll receive a Plan activation email.
All your classes for the period will automatically be pre-booked.
You can access your schedule and the Zoom link (At the time of your class) on your website profile.

Purchased a Single Session Plan:
- After payment confirmation, you'll receive a Plan activation email.
You can then proceed to book your preferred class and schedule.
You can access your booking and the Zoom link (At the time of your class) on your website profile.

*Profile - Click your username on the site header

If i'm absent for my booked/pre-booked class can I rebook?

For weekly / monthly Membership Plan:
- No show or absence for your pre-booked classes for the week/month cannot be rescheduled.

For Single Session Plan:
- If you cannot attend your class please ensure to reschedule it (From your profile). You are allowed to do so up until the class starts.

*Profile - Click your username on the site header

What payment methods do you accept for the Virtual Studio?

We accept deposits and transfers from the following:

BPI Family Savings Bank
Asia United Bank
G Cash

Remember- After making payments, send your deposit/transfer slip to or via the website chat.

Can I still enroll after classes start (September 3 onwards)?

Yes, feel free to jump in anytime throughout the school year!
To learn more about the classes we offer view our Membership Plans.

Can you really learn ballet at home? Will I be seen in the virtual classes?

You’d be surprised how much we can do from our living rooms. While most of our homes lack the space for traveling steps or the proper floor for jumping, we’ve tailored these classes to fit into small spaces. We will choose exercises that work well in small spaces and take advantage of this opportunity to focus on the artistry and style, saving the larger athletic feats for when we’re in a studio.

Yes, classes will be held via Zoom and your camera should be turned on to ensure you are getting individual corrections and feedback. This is an important part of a dancers training.

Why virtual?

Necessity is the mother of invention. The COVID19 crisis caused us all to shift our mindset. Many ballet schools shifted their curriculum to an online platform, and everyone learned as they went along. We used our experiences with online learning to create this program specifically for dance in makeshift studios at home. When things do eventually go back to normal, this Virtual Studio will remain as a resource to supplement your in-person training.

Can virtual classes replace live classes in the studio?

No. We at Academy One still believe that classes in a real ballet studio with an experienced teacher are necessary for all dancers. Hands-on corrections and in-person visuals for both teachers and students cannot be permanently replaced. Some exercises such as grand allegro and grand pirouettes cannot be executed properly in home studios.

However during this callenging COVID19 season, virtual classes present an oppurtunity for all to reamain active & engaged, in good physical shape, and to share & enjoy the love of dance from the safety of their homes.

Do I need to wear tights and a leotard to my virtual ballet class?

Yes. The dress code is part of the discipline of ballet.

A leotard and tights shows a dancers line, allowing teachers to give corrections for the benefit of the student’s education. If dancers are wearing baggy clothes, it is more difficult for the teacher to see what he or she is doing (More so in the virtual setting).

Having hair neatly pulled back in a bun along with proper dance attire helps students feel more prepared to dance their best, and will provide them ease in movement.

If you do not have the appropriate leotard color for your level, it would be okay to use another color temporarily. However, we encourage obtaining the proper color as soon as possible.